Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Offices of Ruby Press

It's no secret that I have a love of gorgeous, stylish workspaces or 
that one day I would like to have my own little business. 

So that's why I must share with you the offices of Ruby Press, a boutique Public Relations Agency representing style driven businesses. 

How beautiful is the detail on the facade of the building

Founder, Melissa Davis
A touch of modern in the space with the red Knoll stool
A must have - inspiration board

How lovely  to work in a space everyday that has those windows
Believe it or not, but the chairs are from Pottery Barn Teen!

You can read more about Ruby Press and their gorgeous workspace here at The Glitter Guide.

 If you know of any stylish workspaces you can link me to, I would love to know.

images via theglitterguide


  1. How gorgeous and, as you say, how could you not be inspired working in such a space!!

    Fabulous :)

  2. What a lovely office space. I'd love to work there! Ange

  3. It's gorgeous! How does one get a job there I wonder... ;)

  4. A gorgeous workspace - elegant and subtle. And here I am stuck with beige walls and fluoro lighting (Sigh...)

  5. Hi Sarah! You're too sweet!! Thanks so much! :) I'm glad you like our offices- I am a sucker for a historic space and great light.

    Love your blog!!


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