Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Fashionable Wednesday

Maybe it's the old The OC fan in me but yes, I like Rachel Bilsons style. She's so cute but has really defined what her own style is and I think she's got it together. Comfy chic by day but she also looks fab fro the evening.

Love her in Chanel

Not my favourite on her but she still pulls it off

Yeah, this is what I look like running through the airport (I wish)

Pretty dress with great shoes

She does the casual little summer dress so well

My favourite, Chanel again and she looks great


  1. I LOVE her. She is devine.

    I wish she did more acting. I guess fashion is more her thing now.


  2. That pretty watermelon colour dress is beautiful! Am visiting from Kerri's blog and am off to read some of your older posts :)

  3. Hi Sarah, just popped over from Kerri's blog and now I'm a follower! I loved the OC as well. Pity Rachel isn't doing much acting but she certainly knows how to look good! Cheerio, Sarah

  4. I LOVE her style. I feel like she is very unapologetic about what she wears. She's like, "Hey, I'm Summer Roberts, and I'll wear whatever I want so back the heck off!!!"

    P.S. I miss the OC :(

  5. Rachel Bilson has her own fabulous style. She's unique and always looks perfect, I'm a big fan!

  6. She's definitely one cool chick - I love her style and her hair color is something I covet!!!!

    PS-I was a BIG Cindy fan, but loved, loved, Christy too! Happy Weekend!!!!

  7. I do always love Rachel Bilson's looks.. good finds!

  8. I love her look. She's so petite but I love how everything she wears works. It would be so easy for things to look disproportionate on her.

    Sandy K


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