Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ideas for a guest bedroom...

Getting ideas together for my guest room. Even though I only have 3 weeks left in this house, the look I create I want to replicate into my new place in Cairns. Of course I have no idea what this place in Cairns will look like but what I do know is I want 2 bedrooms and a very neautral shell so I can decorate as best I can for a rental!

I love the idea of a really clean white base with a pop of colour. Maybe green (kelly green of course)...

Or a pop of yellow... 

 Pop in some green but only a touch. Love this space by Kelly Hoppen...

Or a really simple, modern look. Serene for a guest...

So many options, which direction to go in...??

images via coastalliving, douglasfriedman, kellyhoppen,


  1. I just redid my guest bedroom and tried to create a space that I would love to stay in, that felt like a safe bet to me! Here are a couple pictures:

    Love all of your ideas!

  2. I love them all. Enjoy Cairns make sure you visit Palm Cove. We used to live in Townsville and every two months we would spend a weekend in Palm Cove. One of my favourite spots. Mimi xx

  3. Thanks Mimi, I will be sure to do that x

  4. A pop of yellow! Work may have me as your first guest......

  5. Firstly, great selection of pictures. Secondly, if you break it down, all of the above rooms are basically white with different colours used as accents. So, I would definitely go all white as you seem to lean that way, and then you can pick out whatever accent strikes you at the time, with the option to change it as regularly as you like - voila! I have a secret stash of cushions and throws and alternate when I get bored...

  6. I love that Kelly Hoppen space.
    When do you move?

  7. I'm with Mimi on Palm Cove, one of my favourite places too. I've just been reading several of your posts..your blog is very stylish! I have no doubt this will translate to your guest room. Good luck with your move to Cairns! Rachaelxx

  8. How exciting having a new place to decorate. I love the freshness of the green oh and I want one of those hanging chairs so badly!

  9. Love the bright colors with white! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  10. I love the ideas you have used in those rooms. From the color to the furniture chosen. Everything was perfect.

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