Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blogger Home : Made By Girl

To continue with my series of blogger's home, today we're having a look into the beautiful home of Jen Ramos from the very popular blog Made By Girl. I love Jen's home, it is so stylish yet calming.

Jen in her home office

What is your occupation?

How would you summarise your style?
My personal home decor style can be very versatile. But I like to mix and match..old with new. I find that to be more pleasing to my eye as well as interesting. For example, a pair of vintage Louis Chairs with a modern table.... now that draws my interest because it's defintitely more unexpected.

Where did your passion for interiors come from?
Hmmm, I feel like it's always been there. Ever since I was little, I remember telling my mom that we should rearrange our furniture and that she should place a certain plant here or there. Perhaps at that point I was developing my passion for interiors and I didn't even realize it.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I'm inspired by so many things! Mainly artwork, design books, color swatches, random photo's in design magazines, certain fonts/typography styles and I'm also inspired by Love and experiences in my life.

The guest bedroom

What was the best and worst thing about renovating/decorating your own place?
The worst is always waiting for a new piece of furniture to arrive, the anticipation drives me nuts! I rearrange the room with that piece (before it arrives) in my head like 1000 times! The best thing is seeing the results and being happy with it!

What are your favourite places to shop for your home?
eBay, West Elm, Craiglist & Antique Stores.

Your most treasured piece of furniture you everbought, been given or found?
Even though I don't use it much, I'd have to say my white French provincial sofa. Love it.

Ooooh I love it!

What makes a house a home?
The pictures you hang on the walls, the scent, the artwork, the books and of course the people who inhabit it. I like a relaxed home without chaos, it makes me feel more calm and able to enjoy it as my own.

Being a graphic designer, Jen has her own business of the same name Made By Girl. She creates really lovely paper goods and typographical posters. Please have a look at her online store here and her esty store as she ships worlwide. I recently purchased a print from Made By Girl and it arrived in such a short time and I love it!

Thanks so much for letting us into your home and sharing your thoughts Jen xx

all images via jenramos

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