Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A change in colour

Over the last few days I have felt something's not quite right in my 2nd bedroom/office. When I orginally moved in to my little place, I thought I wanted the room pale blue and white, so pretty. I love the space but having used the room now for sometime I have realised that it's just not me, in this particular house.

So I have decided to paint the room out white and paint the back wall black. Not an original or unique thing but I'm going to give it a go.

But this presents two small challenges for me :
1. I'm not a fan of painted coloured feature walls. Apologies if you have coloured features walls out there but I just don't like them. So why then have I decided to go one wall black???
2. It's a small room and everything I learnt at design school and what most likely every designer will tell you is not to use a dark colour in a small room, it will make it even smaller.

I think this bedroom from Jacinta Preston was my initial inspiration. One wall is black but the room is still so fresh, bright and airy. My room also gets a lot of light so I think it can handle it.

Oooh I like the pops of yellow and even the slight hint of pale blue

But you know what? I can get over my one wall different colour thing because I think it will look fab in this room and it being black and with what I will to it. In terms of making it smaller - I don't care, it's my house I can do what I like!
Rules are meant to be broken aren't they?

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