Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love a velvet sofa!

This is what I call my "patient piece"... one day I will own a velvet sofa. I'm not there yet, it has be perfect for the space I'm in. I love a velevt sofa, I don't quite know why - the feel, the look.

For now I continue to collect my inspiration for my patient piece...

images david hicks, ada & darcy, elle decor, plush palate, la maison boheme, apt therapy


  1. Sorry for the late comment, just catching up on my blog reading due to dial up speed internet. I too love me a velvet sofa. Just something so luxurious yet inviting about them. Thy are so, so glam.

    Hopefully I can pinch my parents sofa one day. It's a beigeish goldish oyster like colour - I'm just so descriptive! It's really ust beautiful. Just got to persuade Mum that it doesn't need recovering!

    Love the pics you have chosen, especially the first one! (just posted this myself earlier in the week.)

    Sandy K

  2. Image 1, 5 or 6 for me! On my wish list too - one day!


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