Friday, August 13, 2010

Why thank you

Thank you to my sister from another mother, Britt over at Absolute Alaia who has given me this blog award.

So this is how it works, I must thank the person who gave me the award (thanks again!!), tell you 7 things about me and nominate the award to 15 newly discovered blogs....ok here goes....

About Me :
1. I love to travel and am currently planning my dream trip
2. I have 3 amazing kids in my life - my beautiful 10 year old niece Ruby, 10 year old footy player Liam and the cutest, newly potty trained 3 year old Charlie
3. I am obsessed with reality TV - The Hills, The City, RHNY, Tough Love, Rachel Zoe Project, Next Top Model, Project Runway - *sigh* I could go on forever, it keeps me young!
4. I'm currently doing alot of research on eco chic design and want to incorporate this knowledge into my future somehow
5. I love the sense style Nicole Richie, Margherita Missoni and Kate Moss have
6. I can greet you in 7 different languages
7. I'm a total night owl (hence why I also love owls) and would stay up all night if I could

15 recently discovered blogs who I would like to pass the award onto are :

Pop on over and check them out!

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