Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogger Home : Rebecca June

Welcome to the home of one lovely Rebecca June. Rebecca's blog was one of the first design blogs I ever started reading. Rebecca has a great eye and her style really appeals to me.

Let's take a sneak peak into her home.

What is your occupation?
Interior Designer

I love Rebecca's living room

How would you summarise your style?
Classic, Detailed, and a little Glam

Where did your passion for interiors come from?
It all started with my mother, but I just always remember having a passion for beautiful things and wanting to rearrange my room.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I think inspiration can come from anything. Seeing an object, a picture in a magazine or sometimes just needed solution to a problem can inspire you.

Lovely details in the bedroom

What is the best and worst thing thing about renovating/decorating your own place?
BEST - I finally can do exactly what I want without having to run it by anyone WORST - being in the business I am always seeing new things that I love and I cannot have it all!

Does your husband have a lot of input into the design of your place, or does he just let you go for it?
Well, in the beginning I would ask his opinion and want him to like everything. What I learned is that I have to stick with my gut and the hubs eventually comes around to liking everything. Sometimes he just can't picture something and therefore he thinks he won't like it. I often prove him wrong.

The den, this looks like a really comfortable space

What are your favourite places to shop for the home?
Flea markets, eBay, my mother's house, and my office

Rebecca did a great makeover of her closet, love it

What is your most treasured piece of furniture that you have ever bought, were given or found and why?
My most treasured piece of furniture has to be the 4 Kartell Ghost Chairs that my parents gave my husband and I for our wedding present. I LOVE them.

Your parents have fabulous taste Rebecca, this looks great and I love the cushions on the chairs

What makes a house a home?
The people and animals you share it with.

Too cute

Thanks for letting us into your home Rebecca, it has been alot of fun xx


  1. What a great guest post, Rebecca! Great use of grey in your living room - chic and confident.

    Sarah - lovely to find your blog, I'm off for a peek around - looks lovely!


  2. Love this. I really liked seeing Rebecca's house tour last week and the additional comments add to the charm. I agree - animals make the house :)

  3. Great post, Rebecca.
    Sarah- What a fabulous blog, going to read back.

  4. Awww... The house looks so pretty all in one place like this!

  5. So happy to have found your blog Rebecca! Your home is truly inspirational!


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