Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just a bit of organising....

I've started this beautiful Sunday morning organising the files in my office! Sounds serious but it's not really.

So this got me thinking about my love of stationery, yes I admit it I am a stationery junkie! I buy pretty stuff that I don't even need!! But don't we all.....?

My all time favourite for stationery is Kikki K. For those who live in Australia chances are you have visited this store (a number of times). Kikki K was started by Swedish born Kristina Karlsson (kikki K is her childhood nickname) when she was setting up her own home office 9 years ago and couldn't find any beautiful or stylish products.

Love this Clear Acrylic Pencil Holder full of whites pencils

How cute is this Bundle Bundle Wrapping Paper

Cute Twist Pen, reminds me of the 70's - love that

3am Ideas Notebook

Heart Puzzle Greeting Card

DIY Desk Calendar

Rubber Band Ball

Bin Bin, I'm getting this for my office

As Kristina says "If your home/office is organised, stylish and inspiring - your state of mind will be the same".

images kikki.K

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