Monday, August 16, 2010

Blogger Home : Table Tonic

I am really enjoying my series of blogger homes, you get to "chat" with some really great people.
Which leads me to my next blogger home, the ever lovely and stylish Louise over at Table Tonic. Ok, so we're not a stranger to Table Tonic here but I had to include Louise's home in this series, not only because I love it but because she has a great Australian style.

What is your occupation?
Gosh. Blogger? Online Entrepreneur? Founder of Table Tonic?

Can you summarise your style?
How about I do it in 5 words - Ecclectic, Colourful, Ever-changing, Australian.

Where did you passion for interiors come from?
Without question, magazines. I have devoured US mags Elle Decor, Domino, House Beautiful etc for almost a decade. It's taken a long time for the Aussie "shelter" mag situation to "catch up" with the US, but I think we're there! I also think in everyone, it comes a point in your life when you suddenly want to start paying attention to where you live and your surroundings.

Ok, so this is a must for when I buy my next house and oh, find a husband! Seperate bathrooms! I must say I'm quite partial to the skylight in the bathrooms, gives it a luxury spa feel.

Great choice in tile in both bathrooms, love the tiles in shower at top, bit shimmery and the tile behind the basin and toilet is gorgeous

Where do you find your inspiration?
I think having an extensive graphic design background, being a magazine junkie and being a detailed-obsessed Virgo means I have a head crammed full of beautiful scenes, textures, memories and images collected over the years. From everywhere - foreign countries, classic movies, fashion designers...

One stylish little girls room

What is the best and and worst thing about renovating/decorating your own place?
Oooh good question! The best thing was definitely the whole creative process. And having my husband as the architect made it one big, very interesting, lesson! The worst? Time and money. It always takes longer and costs more than you think. ALWAYS.

What are your favourite places to shop for the home?
I love visiting out of town antique and brick-a-brack shops and bringing something home which will always remind you of that particular road trip. They seem to be a dying breed though, which is sad.

What is the most tresured piece of furniture you have ever bought, were given or found and why?
Our 3 teal blue vinyl and chrome 50's chairs, which I found in my office block, which was being renovated at the time. The building engineer said I could have them in exchange for a case of beer!

What's your favourite rooom in your house and why?
I would have to say, I am quite smitten with our kitchen. Lord knows, I spend enough time in it(!), but it is, without questions, the hub of the house - everything else is literally a stone's throw away, including my desk/computer, which beckons me, even whilst stirring a pot of soup on the stove. I guess I'm just really pleased with how it all turned out. I love the finishes, the giant bookcase, the pendant lights, the white corian sinks, everything!

Louise, I would spend all my time here too if I had this kitchen, I love it. It gives me a homely feeling, I can imagine having friends over, food and drink and kids running around playing. And I love the idea of having the bookcase there.

What makes a house a home?
Culture - Books and art. And treasured objects which posess sentimentality and meaning.

Ooh great lamp

Thanks for letting us into your family home Louise, it's been great xx


  1. Love this house! So cool and fun!

  2. Thanks again for including me, Sarah!
    I'm really enjoying your blog, so thank you.


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