Thursday, January 13, 2011

And so it does ...

No matter what we face in life, the below is true. 

Very much so for our felllow Queenslanders today. Even though the flood levels are still unbelieveably high, some people have been able to get in little boats and float down their streets and see the level of water at their homes. From what I have seen this morning it is devastating and am overwhelmed at the clean up they now face. The clean up is beyond imagineable and for people to build that safe, home environment for their families again.

At a time like this something has to be said for the architecture of the Queenslander homes, many of which are still standing in Brisbane. As modern architecture has become more popular it is still important to know that the Queenslander style homes are still being built and heritage groups are working hard to have many older ones prevented from being torn down. 
Not only are they gorgeous in appearance, they are also a very practical design.

 They are a large timber structures built on stumps with extensive deep verandahs. The climate was the main reason for the Queenslander being built. Being up on stumps, it alllows the air to flow through under the house meaning the heat is not retained in the home therefore offering respite from the heat. As times have moved on, many Queenslander homes have now converted the lower area to gain more living space.

And I guess faced with the current flooding, this type of home has helped somewhat in preventing the amount of damage done to homes.

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  1. Oh, how pretty they are! Sitting on those shady verandas with a cold drink and a paperback must be divine. Here's hoping everyone is able to rebuild and restore.

  2. It's so sad to hear about the flooding. You're safe, right?


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