Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dining Chair Dilema

I've been making a bit of headway with my house lately (yes, I will post pics soon) and my new obsession is my dining area. No, it's not a dining room nor is it very big or grand. It's more like an extension of the kitchen that is also part of the living area (it's a smallish townhouse remember). 
I currently have these pieces :

The table was a birthday gift a couple of years ago from my parents and I like it in this space so it's a keeper. I have 2 of the chairs. I bought them many years ago for an office and they were in beechwood. I painted them white and I want to keep them as I still like the shape but I also don't need to spend extra money on 4 new chairs, plus I'm doing my bit for the environment and not wasting perfectly good chairs!

So my little dilema is what do I do for the other 2 chairs? 
I don't want to get 2 more of the same because then it would look too matchy match. I want to mix it up with a different style. 
My orginal thought was to get 2 clear ghost chairs? I love ghost chairs at a dining table.

Over the next couple of days I will post about my thougts for this little dilema of mine (although fun) and please my stylish bloggy friends, let me know what you think!

images via freedom, casasugar, inspiredtoshare, lalalovely, thisisglam, rebeccajune


  1. Oh I love the ghost chairs too honey...I think something a little more woody..earthy against the white...or industrial looking? would look fab and add another element of texture and tone to the space..just a suggestion? :) x

  2. There's nothing like crisp white is there? I think a combination of different chairs is far more chic and interesting -- go for it :)

    Look at this room / love the combination:

    and also, this one / love the tablecloth for more of a presence:

    Hope this helps. Cannot wait to see more of your place :) May 2011 bring you many great things! Thank you so much for all of your kind comments on my blog -- they mean so much,


  3. Thanks ladies.
    Anna - I was thinking that too, some steel for industrial look. My floors are dark wenge wood so I thought it could add another element.

    Sarah - Great pics, the second just makes me want ghost even more.


  4. Yes do it!! I love ghost chairs & the table would suit the arm rest style as it looks quite high (so the chairs would sit under nicely). Can't wait to see what you decide! I like the yellow bamboo chair also ;)

    I ordered some of the white replica Eames eifel tower chairs I posted about last week Yey!


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