Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Fashionable Wednesday

You would either love her or hate her right?
Well I don't love her but I must say over the years I've started to like her just that little bit more. Is it the fact her husband is rather good looking (??) and she has a very cute family? Or that she has a successful career from doing..... welll let's just say a few different things?

But this is a fashionable Wednesday so why not have at look at her style.
The one thing about Mrs Becks is that she knows how to put an outfit together, travel in style, wear sunglasses, strike a pose and is always ready for he paps!
Sure she's made a few mistakes in the past, but who hasn't - it's fashion right!
Here's some I think she got right.


  1. She can rock a Black Hermes like nobody's business! Love that most of those photos are at the Airport.... who looks like that when they fly?

  2. ok so i used to NOT like her, but then i just had to admit the woman has amazing style, and i she has a beautiful family so she can't be all that bad. :) now i like her quite a lot, i am super excited she is preggo again just so i can see what she wears!

  3. Its taken a long time but I'm liking her more and more. Her most recent collection was simply divine. I am going to try and take a leaf out of her book and look half as good when I travel to Japan next month!


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