Sunday, January 23, 2011

So random, but I love it

Are you a Ryan Gosling fan?? If you've seen The Notebook, there is no doubt you would be.

I've just come across this really random and somewhat very pointless tumblr that has entertained me on this Sunday evening. It's funny. It really is only funny for Ryan Gosling fans if you watch this first (thanks Aubrey Road) - click here and watch it all the way through I think there's 3 parts...

And now have a look at this tumblr - Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling.

He looks gorgeous here

Ha,ha cuddle city...

I love that he can laugh at himself and he is still so adorable, can't wait to see Blue Valentine.

Hey girl....

images via fuckyeah!ryangosling

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  1. Lol! Watched it...died at the hanging with the ducks one. Whew.


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