Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Guest Post : Black Velvet Chair

Sarah, Thankyou so much for asking me to Guest post on your blog, “My first little place…” is one of the first blogs I “bookmarked” before I actually knew how to “Follow” someone. It is amazing to me that you find my blog interesting and of course I am honoured that you asked to write a post about my favourite chair….as chairs are my very favourite furniture item!

So my favourite chair, it is a Indian rams head chair, they sell them at Interiors Online for $1,050, however my chair was purchased from a retro furniture shop store in Redfern Sydney. Whilst walking with a colleague I caught a glimpse of a chair, it was sparkly silver and instantly commanded attention. I decided to go back a week later, to my disappointment the chair was no longer in the store…. I asked the husband and wife sales assistants
“You had a silver chair last week”
Husband “That chair sold on the weekend”
 Wife “Is'nt there another one out the back?”

 I am now the owner of an absolutely stunning Indian rams head chair that I purchased for the “steal” price of $250. I had the shop cover the chair cushion in a woven blue fabric, the cushion is removable so I have been changing it up and customizing the colour to suit my mood. At the moment I am loving the monochrome look of black and white stripe, I wonder what Ikat fabric would look like on the chair? 

The chair sits at the bottom of the stairs and is used daily.  

xxx Samie

images blackvelvetchair


  1. Thats an awesome little chair and I LOVE the classic B&W stripe. Bravo!

  2. its awesome! im also loving that cute birdie sitting on top of your switch panel...its always the little things that make a room beautiful!


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