Monday, January 24, 2011

Excited by a quilt cover!!

Come on, I know most of you get excited by this too...!

I've been debating for months now what quilt cover I want for my bedroom! It's a hard decision. I had my eye on this quilt cover for awhile and it wasn't til I stayed at friends place recently (thanks Cheryl) that I saw she had it for her guest room. So after sleeping a night under this quilt I made my decision. But low and behold of course when you want something, you can't find it! Until today, I finally found it *sigh* 


 I love it because it looks cosy, still a bit casual yet still gives an element of a bit of glam. All I need now is either my Hermes blanket or a Missoni throw to go with it...

When I've got it all washed and then styled (of course), I will post pics to show you. 
Oh and I also got my new lamps so the bedroom is finally getting there...

images via sketch42, flourishdesign&style, ladolcevita


  1. Ohhhh Hermes blanket!!! Will be good to see it all together (I know I am going to have room envy)

  2. I love this style of doona as well, girly ruffles but a bit sexy too. Have my eye on one similiar but waiting for it to go on sale :)

  3. Base on these pics I bet it will look fabulous, especially if it's styled with an Hermes rug! Wowza!

  4. I want to see...I want to me show me show me :)

  5. Hi Sarah, That is gorgeous. I think I saw a very similar quilt in Provincial Living on the weekend, and loved it! Hope your week is a good one. Emma.


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