Monday, January 31, 2011

My Bedroom

It's getting there, but I am super happy with my choice of quilt cover and of course my gorgeous cushion from the lovely Louise at Table Tonic. I wanted the room to be light and airy and I think I have achieved this.
The best thing about this quilt cover - I don't have to iron it yipee :)

Still a couple of things to work on (are we ever finished??) one being the lamps. You can see which ones I ended up getting and I will eventually cover the shades to a grey and white fabric of some sort. Also collecting some more bits and pieces to dress my side tables. I'm off to buy some flowers  for them today I think.

For now I am really happy and will be replicating this look in my new place even though I won't have my grey walls. 
What do you think?

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  1. Loving it Honey...looks very you!
    No Ironing? I Love it! Thats actually what I love about my coverlet ironing!
    I like your lamps as is hon...can you fill the glass bass with stuff..perhaps like some shells?
    I think a little dash of black in there somewhere would look awesome...either a picture frame..or different print cushion? or a black and white throw?
    I love the fact that we are going the same colour schemes in our I can just get inspiration from your posts :)

  2. Looking so good & now you are going to leave it :-) I'm now on the hunt for new bedside table lights as I smashed mine ooops. Hardest thing to find when you know what you want!!!

  3. WOW That looks great! Super dreamy!

    I would love that quilt cover for our 2nd bedroom- do you mind letting me know where to get it?

    XX Samantha

  4. Beautiful, clean and refreshing! I would add a really pretty lemon yellow and white painting above the bed.... keep it soft, but add some pop?

  5. Sam - Believe it or not, I got the quilt cover from Pillowtalk!! I know, I know! x

    Nicole - Thank you for your suggestion, I totally take your professional feedback onboard and it would be yellow of course! Or I was thinking something with a dash of purple?? Have you got anything in your store at the mo??

  6. Your bedroom has come together quite nicely. I love the colours you have used and your bedside tables are great. Your quilt cover makes your room look soft and dreamy. Exactly what you want! With the lamps you could also put a piece of ribbon around the bottom of the shade. Nate Berkus did it on his show and I Emily from Armonia Decors did it with her lamps. You can see it in the first picture here.
    Regardless I your room already looks great.

  7. Hmmmm... I think you need something really simple to keep the crispness that you created here... Its really refreshing.

    If u did purple it would have to be the perfect shade of purple. You know what I mean?

    I dont really have any yellow ones in the store right now... Hmmmm....

  8. Oh wow this is FABULOUS! Go girl!
    It's a great neutral palette - anything soft and pale-ish will be gorgeous in this room. How dreamy... Well done super stylist!

  9. This is really beautiful and serene just like you said you wanted. I really love your nightstands too!

  10. It looks really lovely! Your curtains look nice and long -I'm jealous as all we have for a curtain is an old sheet! Love the doona cover and I have also been eyeing off thse Ikat cushions :)

  11. What a dreamy little sanctuary you have there Sarah! I just adore your taste, clean and simple with just the right amount of softness and light. And aren't fresh flowers in your bedroom the lovliest treat? Bravo beautiful, well done!! xoxox

  12. looks so serene and peaceful - beautiful!
    just like a bedroom should be!!

  13. absolutely gorgeous! Can you share where you got your lamps from - I luff them!

  14. Looks gorgeous my dear! And like the ladies above I am loving the no-iron crisp white linen! :) x

  15. Hi Sarah, I have just discovered your blog through Table Tonic. Love what you have done with your room! Where did you get your quilt set from? xo

  16. What a wonderful space to rest and relax.
    I've found your via Louise's recommendation at Table Tonic and am happy to be your newest follower - although I'm sure that there will be many more.

    Felicity x

  17. Hi Sarah - would love to know where you got your quilt cover from? thanks!

  18. myfirstlittleplaceJune 1, 2012 at 1:17 AM

     Hi Tanya,
    Oooh I can't remember, actually I think I got it from Pillow Talk over a year ago. Yes, I remember I looked for ages at all my fav places and none of them had it and then I actually came across it by accident at Pillow Talk where I never thought would have it.
    Thanks for visting my blog x


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