Sunday, January 30, 2011

A little bit of news...

For the last 6 months I've been keeping a little bit of a secret which only a few of my friends knew but as I was able to tell my team at work today, I can finally share my news.

In one month time I will be packing up my first little place and moving! I have been offered a promotion with work and it involves a move to Cairns to take up the position. I am excited but I am filled with mixed emotions. The team I will be working up there are really great and it's a very good career move.

 My soon to be new hometown, not bad hey?

But naturally my fellow blogger's, what does this mean for my blog - My First Little Place?? After all, this blog all started because of the work I am doing on my first house. Does this blog now become redundant??
That would devastate me :(

Maybe I could rename my blog "My First Little Place - In Cairns"!!! 
Even though I will go back to renting (!!) being the interior design enthusiast I am, of course I am already planning on how to decorate my new place and what new pieces of furniture and homewares I can get to make it feel as homely and comfortable as possible.

So I hope that you will all stay with me to help get me through adjusting in my new destination, away from family and friends by still following my blog ... that will still be called My First Little Place!

Start counting down the days ...

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  1. Thats fantastic news so happy for you..Congratulations on your promotion...I think your quote here on your post pretty much sums it gotta go with it..its an opportunity for new and wonderful things to come from it Im sure.
    So long as you dont forget your faithful friends here in the blogsphere...OK!! ; ) Of course we will be here to encourage, support , listen and just be there whenever you need us to be. Sending big hugs your way lovely x

  2. Wow, congratulations on the promotion that is great news! I was ½ expecting you to say “I am moving to Byron bay” Cairns is just as good me thinks….. Allot of my friends who rent have asked me to feature “Ideas for renters” Idea for a series perhaps? Super exciting news & excited for the journey ahead!

    XX Samantha

  3. Congratulations on your promo!

    Cairns will be lovely. Nice town, great food.

    I'm sure whatever you rent, you can transform into your own haven ;)

  4. Thank you so much guys... it means alot to hear it from you all.
    Sam - don't worry Byron Bay is still on the agenda, but maybe when I've settled down and ready for a career change :) Would love the renters series, I'll need lots of ideas!!

    At least you all know there's a place to stay if you venture up to Cairns ;P

  5. Woohoooo!!!!
    I can only imagine - good luck and of course we'll follow you there!


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