Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cute Home - Bright Beach Cottage

This post on Apartment Therapy has jumped out at me today. 
Not only because it's such a cute little beach cottage but because it is shared by two very stylish ladies. I have been talking with one of my friends this week about the possibility of sharing a place together when my time in Cairns is up ( if all goes well and I can move to where I want to in the right time frame!) and so this little place meant something a little bit different for me.

The style : Relaxed, beachy bungalow with a little glamour mixed in

Lindsey and Samantha with their pooch Usha. I'm loving those cushions behind them!

 What a great idea to have a raised dining table and bar stools as the chairs, totally cool concept

 The girls are interiors designers / surfers / bloggers which I think is very much summed up in this photo don't you think?

 Samantha's bedroom - gorgeous and cosy

Lindsey's bedroom - just as gorgeous

Their best advice :
A house should feel collected, like the design came over time

You can see more about their place at Apartment Therapy.


  1. gorgeous! The throw on the sofa and the driftwood starburst grabbed my attention.
    ps. how's the sleep going?

  2. Very cute! And you are so right what a great idea re the table... love it.

  3. Loving your blog and enjoying the pics :0)


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