Monday, August 15, 2011

Grand Design

One of my favourite TV shows is Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud. I love it because it takes you through the whole process people go through building their dream homes and they're usually somewhat different houses.

Yesterday I watched one of my favorite episodes. It features interior designer Kathryn Tyler and her Scandanavian inspired eco house. Built on a narrow plot at the end of her parents back yard, Kathryn project managed the whole job herself which, even for an interior designer is a big challenge to take on. She not only came in under budget but finished it in her planned time frame - 2 unusual things when building a house!

I am so inspired by Kathryn, she remained very calm and poised throughout the whole process but most importantly you could see the absolute passsion she had for her house and her extremely amazing flawless attention to detail.

The facade of her house is amazing, I am totally in love with it. Kathryn has combined the use of bricks and red cedar cladding. Instead of a flat smooth white box, Kathryn used bricks and painted them white to give them some texture and detail.

The cladding is red cedar which as it weathers will turn a gorgeous grey colour. Kathryn describes this as her dream combination - white brick, cladding which will turn grey and the dark grey of the windows.

The stairs are stunning, they of course add the necessary functionality and such a design feature but what a great option for extra storage.

What I love here is the walls are all flat surface but there is one wall that is left with brick and painted white.

What a find these chairs are and they compliment the space so well.

Love the step down living area with the fireplace,  Danish furniture and beautiful parquetry flooring.

The bedrooms have an understated simplicity about them. All you need if a few key pieces of furniture and a pop of colour and it works beautifully.

Being an interior designer, naturally Kathryn built her own studio into the house and it is amazing. I'm sure this space generates much creativity and inspiration.

So in love with these vintage chairs

I don't have any images of it but she also built an underground garage with the garden on top which is a genious use of space.

Well I'm inspired, how about you?

You can see more of Kathryn's work here at Linea Studio

all images via lineastudio


  1. I just love this house! I love the texture of the bricks with the neat lines. Unpretentious and can you believe it came in under budget? Amazing.

  2. Completely agree! My husband and I watched it last night and we were so impressed with Kathryn and her thoroughness. The finished house had us ready to buy a block of land and start building our own dream house. I was just thinking this morning that I should find the photos of it and save them in my dream house inspiration file, so thanks for saving me the time!

  3. I loved watching this last night, and how delightful that you have done this thoughtful post this morning! The house had a beautiful quietness about it - which belied its brand new age.

    The interior is nice, but for me the exterior is absolutely beautiful. Very balanced in scale and materials, and very restful on the eye.

  4. I missed the episode but I LOVE this house! Thanks for posting it - I'm going to track down the episode right now. Pele x

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Loved the episode, loved the house, loved Kathryn, and loved your summary! (So much so that I've linked to it at

    Look forward to following your gorgeous blog.


  6. I agree - a very cool and inspirational house and great use of shelving everywhere! Jane @ the girl in the brick house

  7. OMG I LOVE this house!! It's made me drool so much I think I've short-circuited my keyboard. And what a lovely blog you have! xLinda

  8. wonderful home ! :P



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