Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pop Pop Portraits

I came across these gorgeous prints by Helena at Pop Pop Portraits and just had to share as they are so gorgeous.

I absolutely love the way she captures an image and gives it a real personality. 
Each painting comes with it's own little story which is very cute.

Happy In A Hat

Through Lemon Coloured Glasses

Grrr... Like A Tiger

Ma Petite Anouk

Miss Marianne

Best Mochi Friends

Please visit Pop Pop Portraits website and etsy store to find out more information or to purchase! 

I just don't know which one to order for myself......

All images via pop pop portraits


  1. Love. I going to buy one. I think Grr Like a Tiger!

  2. They are adorable, like the noses on them very cute.
    The girl with the red hair looks like me! (I have a bright red bob now with a fringe).


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