Monday, August 8, 2011

Wish me luck ...

Over the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing some major issues with sleep! 
I just cannot fall asleep and don't really know why. It doesn't matter if I've been up very early and done a day at work, I just cannot get to sleep at night and it's slowly been creeping up first it was around 2am, then 3am, then 4am and last night 5am - I am not kidding! 

So I went out today to buy some of these and pray that they help me tonight! I normally hate taking tablets for sleeping as I just think they may help you go to sleep and sleep throughout the night but you will wake up feeling all drowsy. But I'm so desperate, I will give anything a go!

Do you have any fail safe methods of beating insomnia?

 Sweet dreams 

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  1. A few natural things that work for me:

    - I make sure I have nothing caffeinated past 12pm - and I also avoid sugar.

    - Never engage in brain stimulating activities at night: eg. blog, look at blogs, look at emails, etc.

    - Some foods, like turkey are said to help relaxing and sleeping

    - Making your body warm before bed is conducive to sleep so a warm bath or a non-caffeinated herbal tea like chamomile also helps.

    - I find it important to be well hydrated for my sleep so I drink plenty of water in the evening and moisturize before bed.

    Hope you sleep better soon! Good luck

  2. Insomnia really sux. I use to think a lot and to turn off my mind I'd focus on my breathing yoga style and that use to help me fall asleep. I hope the pills work for you.

  3. Valerian. Trust a jet lagged flight attendant and if all else fails a sneaky glass of red wine or 2!

  4. Thanks T, yes I do trust the EX-flight attendant :) These tabs have valerian root in it, fingers crossed x

    Michelle, I'll give the breathing a try also x

    Gabrielle, I have a feeling it might actually be my rconnection with my internet and catching up on blogs and things that could be part of the cause x

    Thanks lovelies :)


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