Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitchen trend

White kitchens are always beautiful and the most popular choices for people when choosing cabinetry. It's a safe choice. It's clean. But going darker can also work really well ...

images via alifesdesign, cococozy, housebeautiful, homesweethome, 2tallblondes


  1. mmm...sultry and dramatic.

    how good do those flowers look with the candy-striped lights in the last image? brilliant!

  2. Sarah, thank you so much for this post! I've been contemplating being brave and painting my kitchen cabinets a dark grey instead of a safe creamy white for quite some time now. I've even got little paint chips taped up on one of the cabinets, and I umm and aah over them whenever I'm in the kitchen. Your post has really helped me feel good about heading in that direction!
    Aren't dark kitchens beautifully classy and luxurious looking??!!!

    Bec from

  3. I just stumbled across your lovely blog and I look forward to popping by again for some more inspiration! I've just put the finished touches on my new blog ‘Coastal Style’ It will have lots of inspiration on beach houses, resortwear, summer food, travel and anything chic and ‘beachy’. I had a lot of fun putting it together so maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  4. You are so right! It's brave choice, but it would be so worth it in the end. Wish we weren't so afraid of black.... I would love a black kitchen!

  5. These kitchens are gorgeous! Black and white really could be fabulous! Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  6. I LOVE this trend!!! I'm totally feeling the dark cabinetry!



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