Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blogger Home : Ish and Chi

Today I want to welcome the lovely Viv from over at Ish and Chi. Viv has renovated her home and I asked her some questions about how she created a beautiful space for her and her family. I hope you enjoy.

What is your occupation?
Designer (etsy store: www.ishandchi.etsy.com), IT Lecturer, Project Manager, and design student. Phew!

Viv's ish and chi studio

How would you summarise your style?
I haven't quite worked this out yet. I do enjoy mixing new with old, antiques, vintage pieces, colour and pattern. I have been told my style is feminine and sophisticated.

Where did your passion for interiors come from?
I really fell for interior design and decoration when I purchased my cottage style house and renovated it. I had always loved pouring over interior magazines but it wasn't until I was able to put ideas in my head into practice that I had found I had a real love for it and I'm now studying interior design and decoration.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Anywhere. I have been stuck in a creative rut lately and so I found myself venturing outdoors to take in my surroundings and clear my mind. I have an idea in my head now that I would love to try involving combining something quite feminine with something in it's raw natural form. Fingers crossed it turns out as imagined! Other places I look for inspiration are design and fashion blogs, interior magazines, my design teachers and feloow students. I am in awe at the things my classmates have created!

Best and worst thing about renovating your own place?
The best thing about renovating my home is that it is old and full of imperfections. Rather than stressing out over fixing cracks I just say it us part of the home's character and turn a blind eye. It also gives me the courage to experiment without worrying about ruining 'perfect' walls. The worst is that the home had been renovated many years ago and well before I purchased it with some parts thrown together rather roughly. During the renovation areas of the home had to be fixed which I hadn't expected but it all came together nicely in the end I think.

Favourite places to shop for the home?
At the moment I have purchased all of the big pieces for my home and I am looking at accessories and artwork although I do plan to replace some furniture in the near future. eBay is great for second hand furniture, inexpensive and vintage wallpaper and artwork, especially the contemporary aboriginal artwork I'm loving at the moment. Etsy is great for cushions and other homewares. I also love stores such as Table Tonic www.tabletonic.com. Anthropology and Urban Outfitters, La Maison www.lamaison.net although I am only window shopping at the moment but have my eye on a few things!

Your most treasured piece of furniture you have bought, were given or found and why?
The red setee in my sons room. It has memories of me picking it up and finding it didn't fit into my car, having to sit on the side of the road waiting for a friend with a bigger car to rescue us, painting it before my son was born, finding it suited the circus wallpaper in his room well, nursing my newborn son here, sleeping on it during the nights he was sick and wanted his mum nearby (it is not very comfy!) and also sitting here talking with my son about the elephants, clowns and horses pictured in the wallpaper. I love this old chair and memories associated with it.

What makes a house a home?
The people in it and the memories collected over time.

Viv also has a feature on her blog called Fashion Friday which I love. Viv, you have great style!


Thanks for chatting with us Viv and letting us inside your gorgeous home xx

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  1. I love Viv's sense of design and especially her eye for great fashion. Her blog is one of my daily must reads!

  2. Im so embarrassed!Do you still want me to do the interview? I totally forgot about it!


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