Friday, July 16, 2010

Two words I love.....


I know simple, isn't it! But gee I love it. As of 2 and a half hours ago a glorious 3 weeks of annual leave began for me. And I'm not shy to say I deserve it because....well I do! People think my job is easy, not hard.......oh how I laugh!! I work with some great people and for a good company but I am extremely ready for 3 weeks of nothing....

So what nothingness am I going to be doing? Well let's see.....

Heading down to the gorgeous beach town of Byron Bay, I love beach towns in Winter

Catching up on the goss with friends

while drinking a bit (or alot) of this

A holiday isn't about being productive, so I can happily blog away all day

horse riding on the beach

curling up to read some books and magazines or have afternoon naps

along with some shopping, eating lots of beautiful local Byron Bay organic food and going to the Bangalow Markets

Will keep in touch while I'm away and share some pics of this beautiful part of Australia

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