Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Want This!

Today I went and a little lookiloos in Hermes.......

And there sitting on the shelf saying "buy me, buy me" not a Birkin!!!! But the orange Hermes blanket. I've posted before that this is a must have item that I must get and I am so determined now to stash away some $$ so I can get it. And yes, I am totally getting the orange and maybe a grey......
is that pushing it?

See 2 Hermes blankets isn't excessive!

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  1. I say BUY BUY BUY! Mum is now also in love with the LV one :-)

  2. Hi there... just found you via The Zhush and went exploring on your blog... that's how I eneded up here at an "old" post :)

    I, too, LOVE this blanket and totally think I NEED one. I have posted about this on my blog a few times, but never actually gotten around to buying one.... my last name initials (!) are both H, so does tht mean I can have two??

    Northern Light Blog


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