Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living Room

I think I'm happy with this side of my living room for now.

Before :

After :

Not loving the ugly cords, going to have to sort that one out!

images my first little place


  1. Great improvement! Really love the flooring, very sophisticated.

  2. Hey Sarah, Just having a sticky at your living room! AH-mazing! I am sooooo in love with that bamboo chair! Where can I get one??? (husband shakes fist at guest bedroom with 4 chairs in already).

    Love the pop of yellow :) Samie

  3. ooh yellow, love yellow. Such a happy colour and very calming when teamed with white. Loving it all - right down to the little owl!

  4. Love the crisp white and bright yellow. And your little owl is darling.


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