Friday, July 16, 2010

Signature Prints

When I was studying interior design I did one of my research assignments on Florence Broadhurst. I fell in love with her textiles and wallpaper and also along with her pretty amazing life story. Florence Broadhurst was a complex, ecentric, talented lady who was born in Queensland in 1899. Her life story is really fascinating, you can read more about it here.

Florence Broadhurst in her own studio

Signature Prints is an Australian hand printing company who exclusively own the design rights to the Florence Broadhurst library. The library has more than 500 designs and to date only a handful of them have been seen at large.

Here are just some of her wonderful designs.

Textiles :

Japanese Floral in shimmer bride white

Circles and Squares in sunspot

Horse Stampede in black

The Cranes in bengal and bley

Wallpaper :

Floral 100 in rosetta

Japanese Bamboo in white sand

Spotted Floral in harlequin cherry

More Florence Broadhurst prints as seen in the Woodson & Rummerfield's showroom in LA

images signature prints, woodson & rummerfield's house of design

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