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Inspiration : Marie Nichols

I love being apart of this blogging world! I've had the opportunity to meet lots of wonderful new people, even if it's via a computer who share a love {or obsession} of interiors too. So I decided to get to know some of them a little better and do a series that I can share with you. These bloggers have great style and I find them really inspiring. They've also done renovations and/or some decorating of their own places.

The first is the very lovely Marie Nichols over at Whole Lotta Lovely. Some of you maybe familiar with Marie's very inspiring blog but you may have also seen her and her work pop up in a number of publications.

Marie and her partner Simon in their Paddington living room

What's your occupation?
Interiors Stylist

Can you summarise your style?
I really struggle defining my own style. I love colour and pattern and anything that's vintage. That said there is so much modern design I love too especially if it has a 50's feel. Eclectic, that's how I'd describe my style! Oh and always evolving! When it comes to choosing a home I don't think I could ever see myself living in a modern home. I love old places with a bit of character.

More of Marie's Sydney apartment {loving the yellow}

Where did your passion for interiors and styling orginally come from?
I have no idea! From the age of about 14 I decided that I wanted to be an interior designer. I loved making things look pretty, "play at house" and generally putting my stamp on a place {at the age of 10 that meant painting my bedroom ceiling rose pink..I wouldn't recommend it!}

No rose pink ceiling here but am really liking the use of red in her bedroom in Sydney

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration evrywhere. All the obvious places, magazines {both from home and abroad}, books, blogs {which have opened up a whole new unimaginable world of inspiration} but also random things I see when I'm out and about can spark an idea for a new colour combination or a "theme" for a scheme.

Best and worst thing about renovating your own place?
Best is the feeling of "I did this" making something how you want it and sitting down after all the hard work is done and knowing that you made your home yours. Worst is if you don't have a huge budget for tradesman {who does!} and having to do it all yourself while holding down a full time job. Long days = very tired couple! But it's all worth it in the end. I'm also ridiculously impatient and want to do the "fun bits" rights away. Who actually enjoys sanding down paint work or smoothing over cracks in the ceiling when there are cushions to arrange!

Now to her bedroom in her home in London which she and her partner renovated with much love

Favourite places to shop for the home?
Ebay, second hand stores and flea markets. It's the thrill of the hunt for a new piece and not realizing you need a new armchair until you see it. I think a home should evolve so I love that you can't just buy everything at once, you have to build the items within your home too. But I also love

Baileys Home & Garden www.baileyshomeandgarden.com
Re Found Objects www.re-foundobjects.com
Caravan Style www.caravanstyle.com
Anthropologie www.anthropolgie.eu

Empire Vintage www.empirevintage.com.au
Industria X www.industriax.com.au
Junktique www.junktique.com.au
Doug Up On Bourke www.douguponbourke.com.au

Your most treasured piece of furniture you have ever bought?
Is probably the antique mirror that Simon bought me a few Christmas back. I know technically I didn't buy it but I love it!

Why did you decide to move to Australia?
I'd always wanted to try my hand at syling in another country, somewhere new and inspiring. Plus I love Australian magazines so Sydney seemed the obvious choice. Life in London got a little boring so we decided to pack up our bags and head for the sunshine.

The bathroom and bedroom from Marie's London home

What are the big design differences you find here in Australia compared to the UK?
Overall I think it's pretty similar. The UK seems to have a lot more "Chain" high street stores (sim to Country Road) where as in Australia there are a lot more smaller independent boutiques and makers. Which is great and I love discovering new talented makers.

What makes a house a home?
The people you share it with, and the amount of "you" you put in it.

There are many more images of Marie's beautiful work on her website, be sure to go and have a look at www.marienichols.co.uk

Thank you so much Marie, it has been lovely chatting with you

images marie nichols

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